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LacCore Policies

The policies under which the LacCore Core Facility operates are consistent with applicable NSF policies and have been formulated through discussions with NSF, the LacCore External Advisory Group, and the research community. Its primary goal is to provide a uniform framework for the continued use of sample material.


The goal of LacCore is to curate cores from lacustrine basins to further the scientific and educational goals of the Earth Systems History community. This goal will be accomplished by:


All users of the Limnological Research Center and LacCore should acknowledge the facility in their publications and presentations. Including the facility in your acknowledgements helps to spread the word about our services, and is crucial to the continued funding of the program.

Accessioning Cores

LacCore accepts cores of all types for permanent cold storage and curation. The cores may be recently-collected or decades old. Researchers wishing to accession cores must ship their cores to LacCore, and pay for sample storage containers (typically standard ODP D-tubes). There are no other archiving-related costs.

Sample Distribution

Sample requests may originate from any scientist, curator, or educator with adequate resources to complete a scientific investigation, or who will prepare materials for curatorial or educational purposes.

Active and Archive Phases

The NSF-defined exclusive use period (during which only the original PIs have access to the cores) is two years from the date of sample collection.