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Mud Ed!

A resource for educational activities in Limnology and Paleolimnology

About Mud Ed!

With the need for science outreach and education in schools and communities increasing, more researchers in all fields are being called upon to interact with students and teachers about their work; however, barriers to successful interactions in outreach and informal education can be high. Among these barriers, researchers commonly cite a lack of time or knowledge on how to create activities for students. Sharing effective strategies and successful models for outreach activities helps to cut down preparation time, increase confidence in the quality of activities, and reduce the idea that we are “reinventing the wheel” with each outreach opportunity.

Our Goal

The goal of Mud Ed! is to facilitate sharing of successful lesson plans and outreach experiences in the areas of limnology and paleolimnology so that simple, successful tools for K-16 educational interactions can be effectively shared in our field. Our hope is that a repository of tested activities will encourage more researchers in limnology and paleolimnology to seek out opportunities to interact with students and community members to share our science and encourage inquiry into the workings of the natural world!

Who is Mud Ed! for?

Mud Ed! is intended primarily for scientists in the fields of limnology and paleolimnology who are interested in starting, expanding, or improving outreach efforts. We are not limited to those with educational expertise - anyone can submit an activity or lesson idea, including photos, handouts, etc. The lessons don’t need to be perfect – this is a forum for sharing ideas, and we hope activities will be added to and modified over time. Users are also encouraged to comment on their experiences using the activities submitted here, or ask questions using the comment fields associated with each activity. We hope that anyone who has a successful experience, or a developing idea, for educational activities in limnology or paleolimnology will share their experiences here!