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Bathymetric Mapping

Students use colored pencils and foam to reconstruct the bottom of a lake, using a bathymetric map

Diatom Shrinky-Dinks and Coloring Sheets

There are things too tiny to see, but when we look at them closely they are beautiful!

Diatoms: Then and Now

Students use microscopes and slides to study and identify different diatom assemblages

Decoding Diatoms: Paleo to Present Day Water Studies

An in-depth diatom investigation using water samples and a model core

Videos: Solving a Mystery on the St. Louis River Estuary

Understand the way diatoms can be used to better understand the environment

Modern Analogs and Reconstructions

Students learn to match cores to lakes and learn about changing environments

Story Core: A personal or local history analogy for sediment cores

Students build their personal or local history as an analog for sediment cores

Varve Counting

Students work to calculate the age of a core by noting the number of varves