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Bathymetric Mapping

Submitted By: Rachel Breckenridge (University of Minnesota - Duluth)
Age Range: k-3, 4-6
Time Needed: One hour or more

Materials Needed: : Sheets of foam art board, colored pencils, scissors, decorations, and a simple bathymetric map (preferably of a local lake) printed at the size desired to trace for the foam cut-outs.

Main Learning Objectives:(1) Map reading skills, including how to use and read scales and keys (2) Visualizing how maps translate into meaningful 3-dimensional shapes (3) Exploring a local lake

Description of Activity:Students first use colored pencil or marker to trace and color the lines on a paper bathymetric map, and then use the foam board to construct a 3-D model of what those colors mean in terms of depth to the bottom of a lake.

Students are asked to discuss what might be different in the real lake, for example; “Are the changes really like stair-steps?” and to brainstorm other ways they might represent smoother contours.

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Bathymetric Map