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Varve Counting

Submitted By: Amy Myrbo (Limnological Research Center)
Age Range: 4-6, 7-8, 9-12, Undergraduate
Time Needed: Minimum 40 minutes

Materials Needed: Large printed image of a varved core (download here) and question worksheet (download here).

Main Learning Objectives:(1) In comparing results from multiple groups doing the same activity, students will recognize and discuss sources of error and the repeatability of results. (2) By calculating the years represented by the varves and similar questions, students will practice basic math skills.

Description of Activity:Groups of 3-4 students share a poster with an image of a varved core (all student groups are given the same image) and a question worksheet. They work together to count the number of varves from the top of the core, calculate how many years are represented by the varved section of the core, and in what year the first varve was formed. They are also asked on the worksheet, and then prompted in a discussion, to think about why some varves are thicker or thinner than others and why some lakes have varves while others don’t.

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