University of Minnesota
University of Minnesota
Quaternary Paleoecology Faculty

Elizabeth Borer, Associate Professor, Ecology, Evolution and Behavior
James Cotner, Professor, Ecology, Evolution and Behavior
R. Lawrence Edwards, Professor, Earth Sciences
Daniel R. Engstrom, Adjunct Professor, Earth Sciences; Director, St. Croix Watershed Research Station, Science Museum of Minnesota
Josh Feinberg, Associate Professor, Earth Sciences
David L. Fox, Associate Professor, Earth Sciences
Emi Ito, Professor, Earth Sciences, Director, Limnological Research Center
Thomas C. Johnson, Professor, Geology, Large Lakes Observatory
Kurt Kipfmueller, Assistant Professor, Geography
Katherine Klink, Associate Professor, Geography
Kieran McNulty, Associate Professor, Anthropology
Edward A. Nater, Professor, Soil, Water and Climate
Scott St. George, Assistant Professor, Geography
Martha Tappen, Associate Professor, Anthropology
Peter S. Wells, Professor, Anthropology, Interdisciplinary Archaeological Studies
Kyungsoo Yoo, Assistant Professor, Soil, Water and Climate


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Updated Febuary 21st, 2012